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Our Collaboration with STIVASUR


At SAB we are passionate about responsible alcohol consumption and the well-being of our customers. That is why we are proud to collaborate with the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Use Suriname (STIVASUR).



STIVASUR is a leading organization in Suriname that is committed to promoting responsible alcohol consumption and reducing alcohol abuse. They play a crucial role in creating awareness about the consequences of excessive drinking and strive for a society in which alcohol is consumed responsibly.


Our collaboration

At SAB we work closely with STIVASUR to promote responsible alcohol consumption. We support their efforts through [details of your collaboration, e.g. financial support, participation in campaigns, educational initiatives, etc.]. Our partnership with STIVASUR is an essential part of our commitment to the community and our desire to encourage our customers to enjoy our products responsibly.


Our Dedication

At SAB we share STIVASUR's mission to promote responsible alcohol consumption. We are committed to achieving this goal by producing and promoting high-quality spirits, while actively contributing to a conscious and responsible drinking culture in Suriname.





Together with STIVASUR, we are committed to a safe and responsible drinking experience for our customers and for the community in which we operate.

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