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Quality, (Food) Safety and Environmental Policy

Suriname Alcoholic Beverages N.V., SAB Distribution N.V. and the Surinaamsch Rumhuis focus on food safety, occupational safety, health, the environment and quality by establishing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring the KVM (Quality, Food Safety, Environment) policy, which is part of the strategic goal of the organization and takes into account the interests of its stakeholders and the environment in which it operates.​


ty: Providing a safe and healthy working environment by taking preventive and corrective measures, such as identifying and managing risks to prevent damage to people, the environment, product and society.

Responsibility: Holding all employees and service providers accountable for compliance with rules, laws and procedures in order to achieve performance-oriented results.

Business continuity: Continuous improvement of processes and services, by evaluating, monitoring and achieving the set objectives according to the set agreements, in order to strengthen the relationship with the customer.

Integrity: Fully committing to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, standards and guidelines, to ensure quality through a sound KVM culture, food defense and food fraud program.

Management commitment: Demonstrating leadership by being accountable for the effectiveness of and compliance with objectives, processes, products and services.


Social responsibility: Pursuing social responsibility by involving all relevant stakeholders in assessing opportunities and threats within the environmental and social context of the organization.

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