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Black Cat

The name Black Cat comes from the black tiger cat. Suriname's pride since 1977 and winner of the prestigious "Monde Selection Medaille d'Or," in Luxembourg, Brussels. Black Cat Rum was known in the 1970s for its excellent taste and high quality. Black Cat Rum has an intriguing and mysterious taste, and after more than 3 decades the rum still has an aura of intangibility and mysticism around it. The renewed Black Cat Double Distilled and Extra Smooth evolution of this internationally renowned rum, which was introduced in Suriname on February 27, 2009, is synonymous with trendy, modern, and chic. It is a real party rum.

Black Cat Rum is drunk “on the rocks”, but is also excellent in combination with cola or fruit juice. This rum is also an ideal base drink for many cocktails.


Also available in 20cl.​​

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