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First Milestone!

On Friday, April 5, 2024, the long-awaited contract for the delivery and installation of the new Fermentation and Distillation Plant was signed with the Italian company FRILLI Srl.

This is the first highlight in the Fermentation and Distillation project which has been achieved after years of preparations and negotiations with the support of local and international experts.

The collaboration with FRILLI Srl, which is part of the Italian conglomerate OMNIA DELLA TOFFOLA S.p.A., is the first important step in the F&D project.

FRILLI Srl specializes in the design, construction and supply of fermentation and distillation plants.

The new fermentation and distillation plant will enable us to produce Extra Light, Medium & Heavy Rums 24/7.

This progress will not only complete the link of alcohol and rum production in Suriname, but also reduce dependence on foreign countries for raw materials and  at the same time enable SAB to enter new export markets.

We are working towards having the new plant operational at the end of Q3 2025.

Cheers with us to this first milestone!

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