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Mariënburg 90%

Suriname's traditional white rum, with a rich history dating back to the 17th century and named after the last local sugar plantation that remained operational until the 1980s. This celebrated rum is pure and full of flavour. Ideally suited for making cocktails, but can also be drunk neat next to a glass of water. Mariënburg Rum, with its strong and independent character, is the purest rum of Suriname.

This graceful and pure white rum is perfectly balanced in a pleasant composition, making this rum suitable for any cocktail. A real flavor enhancer mixed with Sprite or juice. With its warm and mysterious scent, and the taste of sugar cane, it evokes a luxurious and nostalgic feeling. With its unique characteristics, the Mariënburg rum 90% is a true adventure for the senses. This rum lets the warm tropical sun shine through on any occasion.

The rum is best served “on the rocks” or as a mixed drink in Sprite or juice.

Also available in 20cl and 50ml.​

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